The Ealing Dean Allotment Society was formed (in 2014) to enable self-management of the Northfields Allotments by the allotment-holders.

It has a constitution, and a committee of elected members, and has a contract with Pathways (the owners of the allotments) to manage the allotments on their behalf.

The current Committee Members are

Committee members of the Ealing Dean Allotment Society

From left to right:
  • Secretary: Christine Charles (plot 166)
  • Assistant Secretary: Crispin Harris (plot 208)
  • Chair: Christina Fox (plot 172A)
  • Committee member: Mardien Drew (plot 232B)
  • Treasurer: Kim Tompsett (plot 191)
  • Committee member: Simon Coleman (plot 198)
  • Committee member: Jon Wilkins (plot 176A)
  • Co-opted member: Hilary Wright (plot 243B)