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AGM for Ealing Dean Allotment Society
The meeting will be on Sunday 18th January 2015 at 7.30pm at the Main Hall, Northfields Community Centre, 71a Northcroft Road, Ealing, W13 9SS. This has been our first year of self management and we are keen to hear your views. Please come along to ask questions and tell us what you think are the priorities for 2015.
If you would like to add an item to the agenda please email Christine    secretary@ealingean.co.uk. Plus, we are always looking for extra help and if you'd like to join the committee you'd be very welcome. I'm particularly keen to find someone good at organising social events.
Last year around 40 people turned up to discus self management and create the Ealing Dean Allotment Society. I do hope you can make it to the first official AGM.


Next steps for Radbourne Walk...

We have the opportunity, in the next couple of weeks, to bid to Ealing Borough Council for funds for further work on Radbourne Walk.  

What would you like and what would you like to see as further improvements?

Please give us your views & suggestions. click here



Volunteer Workday Dec 6th - Thank you to everyone who came along to the december workday, we had a good turn out and the weather was really sunny. We raked the swept the entire Radbourne walk and finished off a wood chip path near the top of the allotment.
Our next volunteer workday will be in Feb 7th 2015, when we will be working back in the allotment. more details regarding next month.
Have a great Christmas everyone and see you all in 2015
- Simon

Read more about this Volunteer day in Chistina's blog.



Ealing Dean Allotment Society – Takes charge of Northfields Allotment

Back in January 2014 Plot holders from Northfields allotment formed the Ealing Dean Allotment Society. This was created to manage the Northfields allotments. We called our society Ealing Dean Allotment Society because of its historical reference to the original allotment name Ealing Dean Common Allotments, in fact the allotments were known at Ealing Dean Allotments until 1992 when the allotments were run by the Bowmans Trust.
We are responsible for things like renting out plots, making sure plots are cultivated, and general maintenance.We also are looking to additional improvements like Recycling areas, Long Path improvement, Re-establishing of the protected Hawthorn hedge.There is more information on our committee page.


Renting out Plots

One of our main objectives set by Pathways and ourselves is to make sure all the plots on the allotment are rented. We had a waiting list of 96 people at the start of the year which meant people could have been on the waiting list for around 3-5 years. This spring we have already rented out 14 half plots. There are currently no vacant plots but some people have not returned to their plots or contacted Pathways about leaving and these 2-3 plots may become vacant. We are planning 3 half plots of “community plots” these are areas where we can get around 7 people on a half plot with an area of around 2m x 8m. We have created these to help reduce the waiting list and give more people a chance to have a small plot and grow some produce.
You may have seen some new faces at the allotment. The new tenants on plot 200B have been busy on their plot and cleared the Bramble and long grass in one day. Great Job!



Prior to 1832, the land where the current allotments are situated, was known as Ealing Dean Common.
The Common was also known as ‘Jackass Common’ as pony races were held there on holidays. The races were held in the area which is now called Dean Gardens.
In 1832 the bishop of London gave the common over to be used for allotments for the poor of Ealing. Allotments were created on both sides of Northfields avenue which was then called ‘North field Lane’. The image right is a view from c.1913 showing the allotments on both sides of the road. You can find out more on our history page



We have been carrying out various Maintenance tasks­­­­ on the allotment which have included improving security on the main gate lower panel, a new shed on 243, Painting the noticeboards that will display allotment news and repairing plot number plates.

If you want to ask about amaintenance task or want to inform us of a maintenance issue on the allotment you can email from the contact page. Just select Maintenance from the Category tab. We will reply with information regarding your request.



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